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My name is Jim Janossy. I teach at DePaul University's College of Computing and Digital Media and I have since 1987. (Click on my picture above if you want to learn more about me and why I think you might find me a credible resource on the topic described on this page!) 

My research has focused on optimizing the effectiveness of web supports for in-classroom and online learning. I created this web site at www.BetterOnlineLearning.Org to share what I have learned with faculty colleagues. The techniques I developed and now use are based on a simple model called page-linked learning. This couples assigned reading material to multimedia resources the instructor provides; it links instructor, learners, and subject matter directly without reliance on a complex computer system. In short, this method and a mentoring pedagogy makes it possible for instructors to provide better online learning!

Page-linked learning tremendously reduces technical complexity for instructors and learners. It uses today's internet tools to put instructors much closer to their students and subject matter. It eliminates technical distractions and makes it unnecessary to learn additional complex tools. It reduces overhead, both in terms of software complexity and the technical resources necessary to support online learning. And by substantially reducing costs it makes it possible for all schools, regardless of funding constraints, to offer quality online learning to students. And it's fast!  

See here two real-life examples of courses arranged using page-linked learning; these are distance learning courses I currently teach at DePaul. These links get you to the "landing page" for each course from which you can select the course web site or other web resources for the course, including the workbook "page index" that gives access to the video and other materials for each workbook page, in context:

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Download a brief illustrated white paper I wrote on page-linked learning at this link:
Visit this YouTube link to see a 5-minute video I created based on this paper:

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What's up with this URL?

URL's should say what they are, even if they are a bit long--as long as you can readily spell them! I'm in the process of organizing a non-profit to help schools and colleges learn about and use this simple but very effective approach. But forming a non-profit is a lengthy process. This concept is too beneficial, too productive, and so capable of delivering results and reducing administrative costs that I'm happy to help any individual or institution learn about it right now. Think about your budget: wouldn't you rather put your limited resources into your mission as expressed in faculty, courses, and programs of study instead of into overhead? Call or text if I have piqued your interest; I'll be happy to show you more about page-linked learning and the simple steps needed to implement it!

Jim Janossy     (872) 205-0642